All activities are detailed on a weekly planning sheet, for each age group. The planning sheets cover the key development and learning areas to ensure that the children’s development needs are met. The staff undertake daily observations on their key children that helps then to devise the activities.

The activities are created to promote the following development:


Encourages children to count & recognise numerals. Talk about & recognise shapes in the environment. Promote position & use mathematical language to describe size.


Moving our whole body to create intended movements.  Following instructions climbing & balancing, developing hand eye co-ordination. Negotiating spaces & path ways.


Promotes role play. Encourages singing & action rhymes. The recognition of colours & using all our bodies to explore textures sounds & smells etc.

Personal, social & Emotional

Encourages children’s independence & their ability to link up with others. Demonstrates how to express feelings in a variety of ways. Promotes the sense of belonging & ability to separate from carer.

Communication, language & literacy

Extends & widens their vocabulary. Promotes fine motor control & the ability to form & recognise letters. Encourages use of story books & the singing of action rhymes.

Knowledge & understanding of the world

Encourages knowledge of the world in which they live in. Promotes   the use of electronic equipment & ICT. The ability to build & construct, mould & manipulate.

Birth to three matters is a framework which helps babies & young children to develop. It recognises that all 0 -3 year olds have a need to learn & develop through interaction with people & exploration of the world about them. Birth to three matters is divided into different aspects that we use to plan our activities for the children so that they will become strong, healthy, competent learners & skilful communicators.

We encourage your child’s curiosity about their environment. Your child will learn through interaction with people & active exploration of the world around them through touch, sight, sound taste, smell & movement. They will develop confidence, self esteem, skills & knowledge & discover that learning is interesting & fun.

Weekly Planning